Automatic Payment Plan

Tired of remembering if you sent your loan payments? Want to save postage and avoid the late charges due to slow or delayed mail delivery? Discover the convenience of Automatic Payment of your Loan Account Installments with our Online System Automated Clearing House. Her’s a program that the association is offering: Automated Clear House (ACH).

ACH is easy and there is no charge for the service. Simply authorize Federal Land Bank Association of Hawaii, FLCA or Hawaii Production Credit Association to directly debit your checking or savings account on or about the first of the month and you’ll never worry again about mailing your check on time. You will continue to receive a copy of your billing statement in the mail.

If you decide later that you would prefer to pay your loan payments directly to the association, you can terminate ACH by writing to the association.

For ACH convenience, simply complete the form below, attach a voided check from your financial institution (for verification), and return it today. Be sure to make an extra copy for your records.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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